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The Museum of Science and Technology (M.S.T) was established in 2001 as a Laboratory of the School of Natural Sciences, of the University of Patras. The M.S.T, deals with the acquisition, conservation and study (registering, documenting, evaluating) of material relevant to Science and Technology that involve the University’s possessions. These items upon being studied and combined are stored, or exhibited in the museum with the intent to contribute in research, in education and in entertainment. (In accordance to the definition of Museum that is given in article 2, par.1 of the statute of the International Council of Museums, ICOM). Research, educational and other activities of the Museum are carried out in connection with the corresponding activities of the University.

The goals of The Museum of Science and Technology of the University of Patras are:

  • spread science in many possible levels as possible,
  • bring in touch the public showing the progress of science and its latest achievements,
  • make the public comprehend topics of science and technology in which they come daily in contact with and ignore, or would like to learn more of,
  • constitute an important educational tool for the teaching of the History of Science and Technology in all the educational levels giving the public the possibility of experiencing relative subjects,
  • cover the lack of Technical Museums in Greece and mainly in Western Greece.
The front side of building of the museum

Main Activities

The first unit of the museum’s building has been built and given for use. The new Museum is situated in the center of the University Campus, opposite to the University’s Conference Center and below the University coffee restaurant, “ Park of Peace”. The new building is based on selected studies performed by the acting joint offices of: Ioannis Vendourakis, OMETE AE, Konstadinos Kotsoyiannis, Helen Katsadoraki, G. Karavokyris and Collaborator Advisers LTD.


The Museum of Science and Technology of the University of Patras deals with collecting museum objects and documenting them, aiming at a better organisation of permanent exhibition space and to organizing educational programs. The materials which constitute and enrich the collections of the Museum are utensils, tools, instruments, technological equipment, archival material, photographic and audiovisual material, maps, books and other accompanying material.

For the better enrichment of its collections, the museum is in contact with institutions that can help. It invites all institutions and all individuals that have in their possession or know the existence of relative material that concern the history and development of Sciences and Technology, to contribute in this process of enriching its collections.

Whoever wishes and is capable in contributing to the make-up of collections of the Museum of Science and Technology of the University of Patras, can fill out the relative form and either mail it by post, fax or via electronic post using the following contact information.


A. "Telecommunications in our life"

The current theme exhibition that now operates at the M.S.T is titled "Telecommunications in our life", which shows the characteristics of telecommunications and their development through 3 thematic sections:

  1. Historical development of telecommunications, which includes:
    • Video projection, "From beacon-signals to the Internet",
    • Ancient Telecommunications,
    • Time table of Telecommunications from the mid 17th century, up to today,
    • Video projection scenes from Greek and foreign films, showing the use of the telephone,
    • Interactive Application concerning the History of Telecommunications.
  2. Part of the exhibition
  3. Basic Physics, principles which formed the basis for the development of telecommunications, including demonstrations of experiments on topics listed below:
    • Electromagnetics
      • Experiments on Induction,
      • Oersted Experiment,
      • Diversion of an electron beam using a magnet,
      • Diversion of a current carrying conductor by means of a magnetic field.
    • Part of the exhibition
    • Wave - Optical
      • Creation of waves in a water tank,
      • Laser Optics: Reflection - Refraction,
      • Oscillation of synthesis: Lissajous Figures, Beats, Amplitude and Frequency Modulation,
      • A Short Range Optical Communication System,
      • Digital Logic Gates.
  4. Part of the exhibition
  5. Telecommunications old and modern, which includes object, photographic and audiovisual collections, interactive exhibits and information on:
    • Wired Telephony,
    • Wireless Telephony,
    • Satellite Communications,
    • Modern Communications Services and presentation of a prototype Educational Device offered to visitors, developed by the laboratories of the University of Patras with the kind permission and authorization of the Board of the Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians, for the use of copies and information,
    • Different types of Telephone Exchange units, and a demonstration of the operation of the Telephone Exchange ATZ-65 model.

Part of the exhibition Exhibition Credits

Scientific Committee / Exhibit development team

  • Evangelos Vitoratos, Professor, Department of Physics, Director at M.S.T
  • Kordulis Christos, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Zelilidis Abraham, Professor, Former Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and performing debts of Director at M.S.T up to 31/8/2010
  • Theodoros Deligiannis, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Team Coordinator
  • Christopher Krontiras, Professor, Department of Physics, Vice Rector of the University of Patras
  • Stavros Kotsopoulos, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dimitris Liberopoulos, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Design and Curator

  • Peny Theologi-Goutis, Architect-Ethnologist, M.S.T

Research and Collection Material

  • Peny Theologi-Gouti, Architect-Ethnologist, M.S.T
  • Athena Pilarinos, Electrical Engineer, M.S.T

Design and Construct Experiments

  • Theodoros Deligiannis, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics
  • Evangelos Vitoratos, Professor, Department of Physics, Director at M.S.T
  • Spyros Koutsouvelis, Department of Physics

Presentation of experiments
Made possible with the support of volunteer students from the Department of Physics

Design and Installation Coordination and Activation of the Telephone Center ATZ-65 model

  • Costas Bourdoulis, former technical staff and instructor of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.), leader in charge

Installation and Activation of Telephone Exchange ATZ-65

  • Costas Kaipanos, former technical staff of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)
  • Andreas Economopoulos, former technical staff of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)
  • Lefteris Raptis, former technical staff of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)

Technical Assistance

  • Michael Revelas, former technical staff of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)

Installing and Enabling power input (Ε/Μ)

  • Costas Dimitrakos and Angelos Angelopoulos, Technical Officials of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)

Cooperation with OTE S.A.

  • Miltiades Sotiropoulos, Regional Director for Telecommunications in Southern Region of Western Greece
  • Christos Adonopoulos, Head of Telecommunications Installations in Southern Region of Western Greece

Cooperation with INTRACOM

  • Michael Karamanos, Associate General Manager

Application of Modern Telecommunications-Link with Museum Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians

  • Nikolaos Avouris, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Coordinator
  • Vassilis Komis, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education (DESECE), Coordinator
  • Katerina Demeti, Director of Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians
  • Io Papadimitriou, Graduate student DESECE
  • Christos Sintoris, Graduate student ECE
  • Adrian Stoica, Graduate student ECE

Implementation of Interactive Exhibit for the History of Telecommunications

  • Nikolaos Avouris, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Peny Theologi-Gouti, Architect-Ethnologist, M.S.T
  • Vasilis Vlahokyriakos, student

Secretarial Support

  • Elpida Sourvinos, Administrator, M.S.T.

Donors of Museum objects

  • Regional Directorate OTE Western Greece
  • OTE Museum of Telecommunication
  • European Space Agency
  • Hellenic Army General Staff 3rd-battalion of war materials
  • Wind Hellas
  • OSE - Hellenic Railways Organization, National Administrator of Railway Infrastructure, Production management
  • Several laboratories of the University of Patras and in particular the laboratories:
    • Wireless Communications, ECE Department
    • Wired Communications, ECE Department
    • Applied Electronics, ECE Department
    • Electronics Laboratory, Department of Physics
  • Members of the University community and citizens

Donors of printable or audiovisual material

  • COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A.
  • Educational Television
  • Film Archive ERT –Hellenic Radio Television
  • Goulandris Natural History Museum
  • Hellas Sat
  • Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission
  • Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy
  • Hellenic Data Protection Authority
  • National Atomic Energy Commission
  • National Research Foundation
  • Optical Society of America
  • OTE Museum of Telecommunication
  • RA CTI-Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
  • SAFER INTERNET-Greek Safer Internet Node
  • VODAFONE-PANAFON Hellenic Telecommunications Company S.A


  • VODAFONE-PANAFON Hellenic Telecommunications Company S.A.
  • OTE-HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANIZATION S.A. - Telecommunications Region of Western Greece

B. Temporary Exhibitions

The museum hosts temporary Exhibitions. For more information on temporary exhibitions, please contact the museum staff.


Part of the exhibition


Educational Programs in the Museum of Science and Technology for the academic school year 2010-11

Educational tours take place for all educational ranks of the current museum exhibition, "Telecommunications in our life", as well as for the temporary exhibitions that are hosted.

For the better exploitation of the Education Programs, it is recommended for educators to make preparations in the classroom beforehand and afterwards to make an evaluation of the visit in the classroom with activities (supporting material is prepared by the Museum).

Part of the exhibition

Programs in the Museum of Science and Technology from academic/school year 2011-2012

From the academic / school year 2011-2012 specialized educational programs are planned for every educational level, with specific duration, which will include a presentation on specific sections of the exhibition and a different activity for each part.

Possibilities for cooperation

Educational long-term projects, involving more than one museum visit can be carried out in collaboration with the Museum. The projects are recommended to have a multidisciplinary approach.

Other activities

At the museum, Informative and Educational meetings, Concerts and other events take place aimed at different types of audiences. All events are open to the public.


Director: Evangelos Vitoratos, Professor, Department of Physics, Director at M.S.T

Person in charge of Communication: Peny Theologi-Gouti, Architect Engineer, Ethnologist.

Opening Hours

The Museum of Science and Technology of the University of Patras is open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm, except for official holidays. Group visits and Educational programs by appointment only.

Contact information

The Museum of Science and Technology
University of Patras
26504 Rion, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 96 9973/2, +30 2610 996732
Fax: +30 2610 969799
E-mail: stmuseum AT upatras.gr

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