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Conference & Cultural Centre

The central hall of the Conference and Cultural center

The Conference and Cultural Centre (C.C.C.) of the University of Patras has been built within the University Campus, 7 Km east of the city of Patras, in the area of Rion. It is one of the biggest conference halls of Greece, and covers area of 25 acres. It has been built in two levels in a total surface area of 9.300 m2 and can accommodate 2.000 conference participants. It also provides the opportunity for the organization cultural events (theatrical and dance performances, concerts) and exhibitions of the highest standards.

The Conference and Cultural Centre includes:

  • One Main Hall of 930 seats, with four translation studios and a flexible stage which is designed to host conferences, large orchestras, concerts and theatrical performances.
  • One 250 seat Auditorium containing a theatrical stage, back-stage area and four translation studios
  • Twelve (12) Halls for parallel meetings (15 ? 140 seats)
  • A two-level area for reception and exhibitions of 1400 m2.

The Conference and Cultural Centre also includes simultaneous translation studios in 6 halls, office space for the administrative support of conferences and other meetings, press-room, photocopy room, central announcement system, accessibility for the disabled, auxiliary areas, parking areas for 500 cars and buses. All the spaces are air conditioned by central system and fire insured.

Equipment: hi-tech audio-visual equipment, fiber optics network, access to Internet in all spaces, telematics, teleconference, laptops, video, slide and overhead projectors, DVD, Video and CD players, presidential visual video, camera video, permanent and portable screens projector screens, cordless and standard digital microphones, tape recording services, central sound equipment, ISDN lines, fax, photocopier, laser pointers, white boards, flip charts, pontiums, desks for secretarial services.

The Conference and Cultural Centre has become a pole and the main tool for the development of the scientific and cultural life of the greater region of Western Greece. Every year hosts conferences, symposia, seminars, musical, theatrical and other cultural events.

For more information please visit the web site: http://www.confer.upatras.gr/

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