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Intercultural Education Centre

Brief Presentation

The Intercultural Education Centre's mission is to help the Greeks living abroad and the foreigners to familiarize themselves with the hellenic language and the hellenic culture; the Centre contributes to the intercultural policymaking and the integration of foreigners and repatriated to the hellenic educational system.


More specifically, the objectives of the Intercultural Education Centre (KE.D.EK.) are:

  • The running of courses in the hellenic language as a second or foreign for foreigners who participate in European Union's programmes, as well as for foreigners who live in our country.
  • The training of teachers of primary and secondary education in our country and of homogenous and foreign teachers of the hellenic language abroad in issues of multicultural and intercultural education.
  • The production of software for the hellenic language teaching and the hellenic culture.
  • The production of hellenic language dictionaries.
  • The production of relevant teaching material for all levels of education.
  • The organization of special conventions and seminars relevant to the intercultural education and the teaching of the hellenic language as a second or foreign language.

Main Activities

The Centre's main activities are the following:

  • Organization of educational courses
  • Production of teaching material
  • Production of multimedia teaching material
  • Organization of conventions
  • Educational missions
  • The Hellenic Language School, where educational programmes are held for ERASMUS - SOCRATES students, individuals, scholars of the Institution of Public Scholarships (IKY) and of other relevant offices.

The Intercultural Education Centre (KE.D.EK.) is fully equipped with multimedia and audiovisual material.


The Director of the Intercultural Education Centre (KE.D.EK.) is Professor Pantelis Georgogiannis of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras. The Director is assisted by a three-member committee consisting of: 1) the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2) the Director of the Division of Pedagogy, 3) the Director of the International Relations Office of the University of Patras.

Contact information

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Email: gpant AT mail.otenet.gr, georgog AT upatras.gr
Web site: http://www.kedek.gr/

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