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Zoological Museum

Photograph from the zoological museum

The Zoological Museum of the University of Patras has been founded in 1968 and it is a separate unit of the Department of Biology under the monitoring of the Division of Animal Biology. It is sited in the building of the departments of Biology and Mathematics, in the University of Patras. Many correlated activities are taking place in the museum and a large number of scientists, students and mainly pupils are visiting it (about 7.000 to 10.000 visitors every year).

For any visitor of the Zoological Museum there are specimens exhibited belonging to their majority to vertebrates, but there are also representative taxa of invertebrates. There are specimens belonging to cartilaginous fishes, bony fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, while the invertebrates are represented by sponges, cnidarians, moluscs, echinoderms and arthropods. The projection of educational films concerning the animals and their natural environment accompanied with sounds of animals' voices complete the information about them for the visitors of the museum.

The goals of the Museum are the following:

  • Exhibition of many stuffed or preserved animal specimens of the Greek fauna mainly, but also of taxa not found in Greece.
  • Synoptic information concerning the exposed animals or the Greek fauna in general.
  • Information / education for subjects related with fauna or with life in earth in general.
  • Efforts for the sensitization and suggestions about environment protection
  • Scientific work on special collections of museum's zoological material.

Museum administration

Scientific and Managing Committee of the Zoological Museum:

  • S.Fraggedaki-Tsoli, Ass. Professor
  • P.Kaspiris, Ass.Professor
  • E. Giagia-Athanassopoulou, Ass. Professor
  • V. Chondropoulos, Ass. Professor
  • K. Stamatopoulos, Lecturer

Contact Information

Address: Zoological Museum, Department of Biology
University of Patras, 26500 Patras
Τel.: +30 2610 969256, 969265,

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