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2ο Διεθνές Συνέδριο Ultrafine Grained & Nanostructured Materials (UFGNSM)

14.11.2009 - 15.11.2009, Τεχεράνη, Ιράν

It is my great pleasure as conference co organizer to make an announcement

that the forthcoming

2nd International Conference on Ultrafine Grained & Nanostructured Materials (UFGNSM),

to be held in the University of Tehran on 14 & 15 Nov. 2009, Tehran, Iran,

is jointly organized by the University of Tehran, Iran and the University of Patras, Greece.

The UFGNSM09 covers the whole spectrum of topics ranging from nanotechnology education, fundamentals, simulation and modeling, processes to produce ultrafine grained and nanostructured materials, nanoparticles processing, nanostructure control, nanocomposites, nanocoatings, thin films, until characterization, properties and applicationsof ultrafine grained & nanostructured materials

For more information please visit:    http://ufgnsm09.ut.ac.ir/

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any additional information is required.  I look forward to welcome you in Tehran and to have your support and participation at the   2nd UFGNSM.


Dr. Constantin Politis

Professor of Physics and Materials Science

UFGNSM Conference co organizer

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